Are You Serving Too Much?

It's very easy to become overly-involved in ministry.  We can allow the cares and concerns of the world crowd out the most important thing - sitting at the feet of Jesus.  If you're over-committed, let something go and focus on what is necessary.  Jesus said as much to Martha and Mary.  Martha had so many concerns about doing things, but Jesus reminded her that the one thing that is necessary is spending time with him.  Make time to sit at the feet of Jesus and don't let anything take that away from you.

Fighting the Battle Together

Every member of the community is important, and we are in the battle together.

Jesus's words, "the least among you is great," challenges us to recognize the lowiest members of our community as every bit of important as those we consider great: teachers, elders, deacons, etc.  We must also work to demolish the "us-them" mentality that exists between ourselves and the global church.

What Does it Mean to Be a Follower of Jesus?

If you want to follow me, Jesus says, deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow me.

To deny ourselves is to come to a recognition that we cannot save ourselves.
Taking up our cross daily means that we must be ready to walk the road of shame and rejection just as Jesus did, submitting in all things to the will of the Father.
Following him is just like the children's games "Follow the Leader" and "Simon Says."  Jesus is the example that we should follow, and he's the voice that we should listen to.